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MSC Students'Thesis

1.      Sivash Mollaebrahim Ghary ,“Improvement of Interference Alignment Performance in MIMO Systems”, April 2016

2.      Masoud Arash, “Analysis and Improvement of energy-efficiency in massive multiuser MIMO systems”, April 2016

3.      Abolfazl Mazloom Bokavoli,” Optimization of UAV Path in MIMO Relay Communication Networks with Moving Nodes”, June 2015.

4.      Hesam Sedighi, “Performance Improvement of Minimum Mean Square Error Channel Estimator in Massive Multi-antenna Systems”, June 2015

5.      Rasool Jaafari, “Autofocus for High Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar”, August 2015.

6.      Rasoul Bayezi Kuli,” AF Two Way Relay Placement in Large Scale Fading in the Sense of Minimum Outage Probability”, September 2014.

7.      Mohammad Mashayekhi,” Subcarrier Allocation in OFDMA based Two-way Relaying Networks”, August 2014.

8.      Mina Motahari, “Performance Evaluation of Relay Selection Methods in Wireless Cooperative Communication”, January 2014.

9.      Javad Ebrahimi,” Reverberation Suppression in Active Sonar using Space Time Adaptive Processing”, July 2013.

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