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Academic position :

Mohammad Sadegh Fazel is an assistant Professor in the department of electrical and Computer engineering , Isfahan University of technology since  August 2011

Academic Degree:

Ph. D. in Wireless Communication Systems, Centre for Communication Systems Research (Currently: Institude for Communication Systems ( ), Faculty of Engineering, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK                July 2010

Specialization: Wireless communication systems, Coding theory, Signal Processing, Estimation and Detection techniques, Cooperative Relaying techniques

Thesis: Advanced Non-Regenerative Cooperative Relaying Techniques


M. Sc.

Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication Systems), School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran   Sep. 1998                

Master Thesis: ‘Performance Analysis of Block Coded Modulation (BCM) in Rayleigh Fading Channel”


B. Sc.

BEng in Electrical Engineering (Electronics), Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Isfahan University of Technology, Esfahan, Iran                

Project:” optimum design of Pulse Forming Network (PFN) for antennas of RADAR”.

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